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Terpenes are what give a strain it's unique smell, taste and effect. There are more than 200 known terpenes that occur naturally in the cannabis plant.

Dominant Terpenes

There are five dominant terpenes you’re likely to spot more often than the rest, and in larger amounts:
Here is a quick rundown on these Top 5 dominant terpenes, then we'll talk about the rare terpenes and why you should care about terpenes at all.
Limonene tends to present a citrusy aroma, but it’s also found to be particularly effective as an anti-anxiety agent. Limonene is known to be uplifting. A strain that has a high amount of limonene could be a good choice when you’re down with the winter blues or other life woes. And you know where else you can find limonene? In lemon rinds, in juniper, and in peppermint.

Aroma: Citrus
Effect: Anti-Anxiety, Uplifting
Also Found In: Lemon, Juniper, Peppermint
Common to Indica cannabis strains, you won’t be surprised to learn that myrcene is a relaxing terp. It’s something you might appreciate after a hard workout or long workday. Myrcene is also found in hops, bay laurel leaves, thyme, lemongrass, and more. Myrcene can have a citrusy aroma, a musky aroma, and/or an earthy, herbal aroma.

Aroma: Earthy, Herbal, Musky or Citrus
Effect: Sedative, Relaxing
Also Found In: Hops, Thyme, Lemongrass
Smelling sweet and of pine, Pinene is anti-inflammatory, thought to combat asthma, and can also be found in pine needles, rosemary, and basil, among others.

Aroma: Piney, Sweet
Effect: Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Asthma
Also Found In: Rosemary, Basil, Pine Needles
Known as a sedative and an anti-anxiety agent, Linalool tends to share the citrus aroma as well but can also present floral and/or spicy notes. If you know anything about herbalism, you know lavender is revered for those same calming effects, so it won’t surprise you to learn the terp linalool is also found in lavender. Starting to see a pattern?

Aroma: Floral, Citrus and/or Spicy
Effect: Anti-Anxiety, Sedative
Also Found In: Lavender
It’s found in black pepper, it smells like black pepper, and just like black pepper, it’s anti-inflammatory. It’s also thought to support digestive health. And some of you, especially medical patients, will appreciate that caryophyllene is not noticeably psychoactive. That doesn’t mean you don’t still need to pay attention to the THC in your products of choice, but it means the presence of this particular terp won’t enhance the psychoactive effects of the THC, which some terps will – in a phenomenon called the “Entourage Effect.”

Aroma: Peppery
Effect: Anti-Inflammation
Also Found In: Hops, Black Pepper


Terpenes are an important part of the Full Spectrum experience. And they are non-existent in distillate. The only way terpenes are experienced in distillate cartridges is if they are mixed in, which we strongly disagree with.

Have you ever compared the high you get from flower to the high you get from a cheap distillate vape cartridge? The distillate cartridge is just THC. The flower contains terpenes. So does Live Resin. And so does Liquid Diamond Sauce, which is liquified Live Resin.

The terpenes in the flower are saved in our process. Terpenes are destroyed in the distillate process. Which is the reason we never use distillate.

What is full spectrum?

The Full Spectrum experience refers to the effect that you get from consuming all elements of one single strain. All of the cannabinoids, (not just THC) and all of the terpenes from the original plant.

In order to maintain the Full Spectrum experience in a concentrate, we use a process that preserves all of the important elements. Giving you the full high, without the useless plant matter that is harsh on your lungs. And giving you more medicinal bang for your buck.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The Entourage Effect is another way to say the Full Spectrum experience. It is the effect of all the cannabinoids, combined with all of the terpenes to produce a special and more robust effect than THC alone.

The Entourage Effect is best captured by using a single source of one strain. Think about it. If you took the THC from an OG, pour in terpenes from Durban Poison - you'd end up with a Frankenstrain. No one will know what to expect from it. We associate OGs with Indica effects because the Entourage Effect of an OG is sedative, and relaxing. Whereas Durban Poison is associated with an active, uplifting and energetic high.

What Does Single source mean?


At URSA, we believe strains are unique and should not be messed with. When we write a strain name on something, it's what was grown. The farmer may have cross-bred two strains together, but we leave it to them.

We never blend terpenes and cannabinoids from different sources. It's all the original batch from one farmer. So when we say Single Source, we mean it.

When you read the strain on the label - that is the strain inside. Every time.

What are Rare Terpenes?

Rare terpenes are the terpenes that are occurring in smaller amounts in a strain. Even in small amounts, they can make a difference.

Here is a list of some of our favorite terpenes that don't show up as much as the Top 5: