Our extractors start with the single strain, single source, whole fresh frozen flower and take it to the next level. We've purified our HTE to create NOVA Terpenes, which are the purest form of cannabis derived terpenes. NOVA Terpenes leave a fresh, crisp, and distinct  flavor with every inhale. We  combine them with our 100% Liquified  THCa diamonds in  a cartridge form. Thus Creating an intensely flavorful and potent on-the-go cannabis experience. 

Some cartridges carry a strong true flavor of cannabis while others just carry an essence or "feel" of cannabis/cannabis trichomes. URSA  NOVA is the best of both worlds. URSA NOVA is the first of its kind in the Cartridge Cannabis Category. This product is available in 1g& 0.5g cartridges. The terpenes in this cartridge are what is referred to as NOVA  Terpenes

NOVA terpenes are almost clear because all the extra non-terpene matter has been completely filtered out, leaving only the terpenes. When Combined with our 100% THCa Diamonds it creates the ultimate cartridge experience. This allows higher potency for the same intensity of aroma and taste. Every URSA NOVA cartridge is made from high quality fresh frozen whole flower input material and we only use quality-preserving processes. 

NOVA is  the first of its kind. As far as we know, it is the first non-distillate cartridge made with  NOVA Terpenes. Find an URSA NOVA cartridge Near you!