URSA STRATOS is the new 100% THC Diamond cartridge from URSA. Like our popular Liquid Diamond Sauce cart, it is distillate-free, CRC-free and encased in premium ceramic hardware. So what makes it different?


STRATOS is liquified URSA Diamonds, whereas Liquid Diamond Sauce is liquified URSA Live Resin. The big difference here is the balance of THC potency and flavorful terpenes.

Liquid Diamond Sauce = True-to-the-Strain

STRATOS is always going to be higher in THC. URSA STRATOS is generally 85% - 95% Total THC whereas Liquid Diamond Sauce is generally 70% - 80% Total THC.

Does it have Terpenes?

Yes. But only in trace amounts. Sometimes URSA STRATOS has as low as 0.5% terpenes. Whereas LDSC generally features a strong 6-8% terpene percentage.

Don't like terpenes? Only about the THC? STRATOS is for you!

All about the terpenes and the flavor? You'll probably want to stick to Liquid Diamond Sauce.

What voltage battery should I use with URSA STRATOS?

2-3v is recommended! This is because it is mostly THC, with less terpenes. So, most vape cartridges batteries will work well with this cartridge.

Using the URSA Low Voltage <2v Battery is not recommended. Don't worry, we are going to release a new universal URSA battery soon!

What is that dark layer? It's CBN!

You may notice a little layer of darker oil at the the top of your cartridge. Don't worry, that is a natural occurrence. The darker oil is CBN.

CBN is a cannabinoid with sedative effects. It occurs more over time, which is why the layer may appear to be getting darker with time. There is nothing wrong with your cartridge.

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