In cannabis, it seems there’s always a new phrase or terminology to learn. Like, you may have heard of the ‘entourage effect’ before, but do you really grasp what it is? Or what it means when a product provides the entourage effect? Well, never fear, we are here to level up your canna-connoisseur game. Use this article to soak in everything you need to know about terpenes’ effects, terpene science, and how it all affects the robust experience of live resin. 

The Science Behind Terpenes 

By now, you’re probably pretty aware of what ‘terps’ or terpenes are, or how they add to your cannabis consumption. On the surface, to know your terpenes means you know they produce weed’s unique and distinctive aromas. Which is why many beginning consumers believe cannabinoids deliver cannabis’ potency and effects, and terpenes deliver the plant’s scent. So many first-time, and new users choose their products or strain, based on taste or flavor, alone.

Of course, like most things in cannabis - it’s not as simple as it sounds. And, if you’re using weed for specific effects - you’ll want to learn more about terpenes, and how they add to them. Over the years, and with increased research, we’ve learned that terpenes are also capable of producing their own effects. So each time you puff, puff, pass, or inhale the vapors of concentrated terps - you’re being treated to cannabinoid effects (like THC, and CBD) along with the benefits of the strain’s individual terp profile. 

The Entourage Effect 

But don’t stop learning, just yet. In addition to terpenes and cannabinoids producing their own effects, they also create a synergy between one another. That’s what’s known as the ‘entourage effect’. And, it's more than just a slang term across the industry. The scientifically proven relationship of cannabinoids and terpenes, amplify one another’s effects. So, together your high will be stronger and more intense than if consumed separately.

Terpenes, and flavonoids have the same ability as cannabinoids to bind to our body’s receptors. This means their unique properties are able to add to and influence the experience or effects, overall. Even more, we’re also learning that certain terpenes themselves combine for their own type of entourage effect. Like alpha- and beta-pinene. When consumed synergistically, the two terp profiles display anti-tumor properties.

Last but not least, it’s important to note that consuming terpenes on their own however won’t produce any sort of high. You’ll need THC to do that. To know your terpenes even more - learn about the most common in cannabis flower and concentrates today, with our in-depth guide here

Terpenes for a Live Resin Difference 

So, where can you experience the entourage effect to its fullest? While cannabis flower is one way to ensure you’re receiving both cannabinoids, and natural terpenes - there’s an extract that’s taking terpene science to all new heights (and highs). That being, live resin. Live resin is quickly becoming the most premium concentrate available on the market today, for good reason. 

Rather than implementing a specific extraction process for a ‘badder’ like texture, or ‘shatter’ like consistency (although, those are cool, too) live resin is the pure, unrefined version of typical ‘extracts’. That means, the process from harvesting to extracting, is fine-tuned to deliver the utmost quality and pristine version of what the plant’s natural compounds would be. 

Including, the complete capture and preservation of the strain’s cannabinoids and full spectrum terpene profile. Because terpenes are quite delicate in nature, they’re the first to vaporize at high temperatures or with agitations. Which means the live resin process to maintain terpene integrity, is that much superior to the rest but can be faked. Without any regulation, many brands are able to misidentify concentrates where terpenes have been added back in, as ‘live resin’. 

With true live resin, you don’t have to add terpenes back in. Instead, you’ll experience the whole-plant essence and full-profile of compounds that are exclusive to the strain you choose. This is just one reason why live resin carts, and live resin concentrates are creating a group of aficionados. The potency, and pungency, that authentic live resin delivers is an elevated and enhanced way to enjoy your favorite cultivar. 

Elevate With An Entourage

You don’t want to embarrass your entourage with less than quality effects. So, to experience the live resin difference ensure your elevation, only with the best. URSA Extracts never blends strains, and never adds terps back in. Our sophisticated extraction process delivers three live resin consistencies to customize your dabbing experience, and the freshest live resin carts on the market today. Level up your game today with an elevated entourage of live resin you can trust - find an URSA Extracts retailer near you.