URSA Live Resin and Diamonds

Live Resin & Diamonds

URSA live resins & diamonds are made from fresh frozen cannabis. This creates an incredibly desireable experience. All of our strains taste very distinct - from each other and from other live resins on the market. This is because we never mix batches. Our goal is for you to get a unique experience from every strain.

We also want to make it easy for you to choose your preferred diamond size. Which is why we created a Diamond Grading System. Each color on the box represents a different tier of diamonds inside.

Diamond grades

Meet our color-coded packaging

what diamond size do you prefer?

URSA Extracts Tier System Diamonds Color is RedURSA Extracts THC Diamonds Red Box



Diamonds only

Get ready to blast off! The red label means Diamonds Only. Less terpenes & more THC!
URSA Extracts Diamonds Look like this
URSA Extracts Gold Tier Big DiamondsJack Flask Gold teir URSA live resin


Grade AAA

Live Diamond sAUCE

Fan of big diamonds? Gold is for you! Gold label jars are full of THCa boulders in terp sauce.
URSA Extracts Live Resin also known as the best live resin in california
URSA Blue Box icon
pngURSA Blue Live Resin Box


grade AA

diamond sauce

The best of both worlds, you’ll find a mix of diamonds, sugar and terpenes in the blue boxes.
URSA Blue Tier live resin is called Live Diamond Sauce and it has larger diamonds in it than Purple box live resin
URSA Purple box live resin icon png
URSA Purple Box vs blue box what is the difference?


grade A


Perfect for seekers of consistent hits every time. Micro diamond sauce loaded with terps.
What is in URSA Purple Label Live Resin ?


URSA’s pure THCa isolate is designed for THC fans who want to blast off in a big way. It is the most refined form of THC you can get. THCa itself, without being heated, has been researched for anti-inflammatory benefits. But when it is heated it turns into pure THC.

Isolate comes in 0.5g jars only.

Perfect for sprinkling on joints or adding to your bowl for a potency boost.

Not all our dispensary partners carry this product. If you need help looking for it near you in California, reach out to our customer service team. We will do our best to help you find it near you.
URSA THCa Isolate