Liquid Diamond Sauce

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fully Ceramic CARTRIDGES

URSA Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge - the first 100% Live Resin Cartridge in california that is distillate-free
URSA Extracts Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges are fully ceramic and the THC oil inside looks golden and bright when compared to other cannabis cartridges. it is 1g of 100% live Resin. The cartridge is dental grade ceramic and they recommend using it with a low voltage 510 thread battery.

Liquid Diamond Sauce

510-Thread Cartridges

The unique combination of terpenes and diamonds in these 100% live resin cartridges will flourish and dazzle your senses.

We use ceramic cartridges that are toxin-free, made with dental grade ceramic instead of metal.

The contents are 100% from the specific strain listed, so your entourage effect is as-the-plant-intended. All input material is fresh frozen right at peak harvest time. It doesn't get any fresher than this.


510-Thread Cartridges

Experience the potency of liquified THCa diamonds on the go! Made solely from top-grade THCa diamonds, URSA STRATOS will take you out of this world.

The subtle taste of this powerful cartridge comes from the trace amount of terpenes in the THCa diamonds.URSA's fully-ceramic dental-grade hardware provides the cleanest and safest experience.

With potency of 80%+ and no distillate, this cart is perfect for those who need a heavy punch.
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