URSA Low Voltage Battery is less than 2 volts. It shows the packaging, battery and 510-thread charger.
URSA’s pure Live Resin cartridges taste the best with a low temperature vape battery. There aren’t many low temperature dab pen batteries out there, so we made our own.

1.3v - 1.6v - 1.9v

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Click 5 times to turn the battery on.
Red Blinking Lights = Needs Charge
Charge for no more than 2 hours for optimal battery performance. Do not leave to charge overnight.
Click 2 times to activate the Pre-Warm Function.
Always inhale during the Pre-Warm. Do not let it activate without inhaling the whole time. At the end of your inhale, press the button once to stop the 10-second cycle.

Why is it special?

The URSA Low-Voltage 510-Thread Vape Battery™ allows you to choose a low voltage setting with URSA Live Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges. This low temperature battery preserves the natural terpenes in live resin cartridges, optimizing the overall cannabis experience.  

Built for 100% Live Resin

The battery is the perfect technological companion to URSA’s cartridges. The low temperature, 100% live resin oil, and high quality hardware team up to provide the purest, cleanest THC cartridge experience.  

Because all URSA cannabis oil is 100% single-source cannabis from premiere farms in famed Humboldt County, URSA cartridges have the most unique terpene profiles in California. If you don’t know what terpenes are, here’s a crash course: Terpenes are what give a strain its unique taste, smell and effect. Over 200 different individual terpenes can naturally occur in cannabis, and each strain has a unique combination that makes it taste amazing, which we call a terpene profile. With most of the vape batteries on the market, that unique flavor and smell and some of the effect is lost. The terpenes burn away before they can be enjoyed. The taste just isn’t there. But with the URSA Low Temperature Battery, you taste the whole profile.

First of A Kind

We made the low voltage batteries out of need for something better. We’d created the most amazing live resin oil and put it in the highest quality cartridge that money can buy, but all the batteries on the market weren’t doing it justice. We had to invent our own battery.

Built for Liquid Diamond Sauce

The ceramic material utilized in URSA cartridges is dental-grade, which is free of heavy metals and also acts to prevent metals from leaching into the liquified live resin. Unlike many other carts claiming to be ceramic, URSA’s revolutionary technology features ceramic throughout the cartridge, including the cores, heating elements, and mouthpiece. The feedback from those who have tried the ceramic carts is all positive. Ceramic is a level up from metal cartridge hardware, and it’s one more reason to use the low temperature battery.


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