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A beautiful fully-ceramic URSA Liquid Diamond Sauce cartridge with golden 100% live resin THC oil floating in space, waiting for you to enjoy it.

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Hands down the best cart we have ever made.

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May the Forth be with you - Light saber live resin star wars memeFollow ursaextracts.backup on instagram to see this image of blackberry kush live resin sauce. It is an example of the best live resin in California.URSA Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge 100% Live Resin Cart in NatureGMO by URSA Live Resin coming in at 72% THC and 2.4% Terpenes and 84.4% Total Cannabinoids is a crowd favorite in California's legal cannabis market. Fully ceramic cartridge from URSA Extracts -makers of the best live resin in california URSA Dankincense is a phenomenal strain of live resin from Humboldt Seed Company. URSA and Humboldt Seed Company collaborated on this amazing live resin gram only available in licensed California dispensaries.URSA Extracts Banana Kush Live Resin - tastes amazing, might be the best I have tried in CaliforniaURSA Extracts Live Resin Strain Raskals Fire OG
The Fully Ceramic URSA Extracts Limeade Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge with golden oil - might be the very best THC oil cartridge in CaliforniaURSA Extracts Live Resin Sour PunchURSA Extracts Live Resin Strain Orange SodaURSA Extracts Live Resin Strain GranimalsURSA Extracts Live Resin Strain NYCD very popular strain of live resin in CaliforniaURSA Extracts Live Resin Strain The BlingThis URSA Extracts Live Resin Strain is Jack Flash Live Diamond Sauce - meaning it has larger diamonds in it than most URSA Live Resins.

What Are Terpenes?

The amazing chemicals that make strains unique.

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dedicated to bringing you the most innovative 100% cannabis experiences

We always start with fresh whole flower harvested from artisan farms.The flower is instantly frozen to preserve its unique qualities.

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URSA's Master Extractors carefully pull the essential cannabinoids and terpenes from the fresh flower in small, select batches.
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Our cannabis oil artisans then melt together the combination of terpenes and diamonds from the same strain to create the extraordinary experience you get from each and every URSA product.

we never blend strains

Why It Tastes So GOOD

Our process always starts with fresh trichomes.

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Trichome Diagram showing that THC and Terpenes are found in the top of the trichome. Designed by URSA Extracts Copyright 2021 white png


(pronounced 'try,cōmbs)

Trichomes are where most of the THC, terpenes & other cannabinoids like CBD are stored in the cannabis flower.

They are what gives a fresh,potent bud that “frosty” look. Trichomes store the chemistry that makes you high.

What we make

URSA Extracts Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges are fully ceramic and the THC oil inside looks golden and bright when compared to other cannabis cartridges. it is 1g of 100% live Resin. The cartridge is dental grade ceramic and they recommend using it with a low voltage 510 thread battery.

Liquid Diamond Sauce

510-Thread Cartridges

Fully ceramic, 100% Live Resin, and only from the specific strain listed.
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Live Diamond Sauce & Badder

Made from fresh frozen cannabis. Offered in a variety of distinct strains. Our new boxes are color-coded so you know what to expect.
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URSA THCa Isolate

0.5g thca isolate

Perfect for sprinkling, URSA’s pure THCa isolate was designed for THC fans who want to blast off in a big way. It is the most refined form of THC you can get.
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